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Entree | Haru Sushi

Haru Sushi Entree Menu

EN 01Chicken KatsuDeep fried breaded chicken breast 17.99
EN 02Pork Katsu15.99
EN 03Tofu Teriyaki13.99
EN 04Chicken TeriyakiGrilled chicken breast with vegetables17.99
EN 05Salmon Teriyaki18.99
EN 06Beef Teriyaki19.99
EN 07Seafood TeriyakiPan-fried shrimp and scallop with vegetables19.99
EN 08Spicy ChickenStir-fried chicken breast and vegetables with spicy sauce18.99
EN 09BulgogiSliced beef and vegetables with soy garlic sauce19.99
EN 10Spicy Bulgogi19.99
EN 11Spicy Pork BulgogiSliced pork and vegetables with spicy sauce16.99
EN 12Kalbi Rib SteakRib steak with special soy garlic sauce34.99
EN 13Tempura DinnerShrimp (6 PCS), Vegetable (9 PCS)18.99
DB01Vegetable Donburi11.99
DB02Chicken Donburi13.99
DB03Chicken Katsu Donburi15.99
DB04Beef Donburi (Bulgogi)15.99
DB05Pork Katsu Donburi14.99
DB06Dol Sot BibimbapAssorted vegetables on rice in hot stone bowl with beef and soy or spicy sauce13.99
DB07Hae DupbapAssorted raw fish, vegetable, Korean spicy sauce on rice15.99
DB08ChirashiAssorted raw fish in a bowl of sushi rice19.99
DB09Unagi DonburiB.B.Q Eel in a bowl of sushi rice with unagi sauce19.99




*Miso Soup included.

*Green Salad & Ice Cream for Dine-In Only